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Luxe Faux Florals

Due to the rising costs associated within the industry and the valuable feedback from both our past and current clients, we have opted to move forward to create a solution to one of the limitations put on our past and future couples when it comes to the costs associated with florals. These pieces are designed and created by experts in the floral industry using only the most realistic and in demand real touch and silk florals.



  • Cost effective

  • Zero waste

  • Hypoallergenic 

  • Durable and not temperature sensitive 

  • Best selection


Floral pieces available:

  • Low profile centerpieces in pedestal glass vases

  • Ground arrangements

  • Arbor floral swags 

  • Signage floral swags 


**Florals are for decor uses only. Available to design and styling clients only at this time. Wedding party florals such as bouquets or boutonnieres are not available at this time.

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