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"Hurry, Hurry Drive the Firetruck"

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I was really looking for a unique experience for Emmett's 3rd birthday. With an obsession for all things with wheels including fire trucks, we stopped in to a local fire station open house which is where I gathered the idea for a fire truck party; literally all of the bells and whistles. When I approached the station with the idea, they were more than excited to host. The volunteer firefighters arranged an interactive obstacle course for the kiddies that included age appropriate challenges such as kicking a "door" down, climbing a "sofa", and putting out a "fire" in a burning house. We had some mid morning snacks including toasted marshmallow cupcakes and beverages which included "Fuel" for the kids and of course caffeine for the adults. What I love most about his idea is that it can be adapted to any age as far as activities and incorporating fire safety education. The fee the station collected to host the party went directly to the fire station to help fund much needed renovations. It's a win, win really.


Venue- Westmount Fire Station, Sydney, NS

Cookie box favors & cupcakes- Not Just Cakes

Fire truck drinking cups- Great Canadian Dollar Store

Stationary- Etsy

Mini galvanized buckets-

Linens & tableware- Fawn Memories Event Co.

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